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August 2020

Sounds Abound


In a world without instruments, could you still make music? Of course you could! Music was born from creativity—people using their voices, bodies, and objects they found, assembled, or invented to make new sounds. Join us as we explore rhythm patterns, creative sound-finding and sound-making, graphic notation, and storytelling—because the creative brain is where Sounds [...]

Sounds Abound2020-08-27T09:07:09-04:00

Jumping Beans


Jump into the rhythms of Latin America with Jumping Beans! Peek into the rain forest, explore expressive movement, investigate quarter notes and quarter rests, sing and learn some words and phrases in Spanish, and—you guessed it—jump, jump, jump!

Jumping Beans2020-08-27T09:04:44-04:00

Dance With Me


Put on your dancing shoes, it’s time to twirl, tap, leap, bow, and turn! Music makes people move in many different ways—and we get to find our own way, too.  You’ll learn dance steps, move expressively, explore instruments, and learn to play together in an ensemble. Come on in and Dance With Me!

Dance With Me2020-08-27T09:05:07-04:00

How Do You Feel?


How Do You Feel? Everyone has feelings, and children are no exception. A young child can go from happy to sad and back again in the blink of an eye. Navigating their changing emotions can be complicated for children, but the music, dances, and activities in How Do You Feel? provide a fun way for [...]

How Do You Feel?2020-08-19T11:42:40-04:00

Beach Days


Beach Days: Grab your beach ball and put on your sunscreen – Beach Days are here! In this unit, we’ll explore the sights and sounds found at the beach through songs, dances, vocal play, instruments, and listening activities. Get ready to wiggle your toes in the sand, scuttle like a crab, and listen to the [...]

Beach Days2020-08-19T11:38:05-04:00

Music Makes My Day


Music Makes My Day: If you think about it, your day-to-day routine is a lot like a piece of music. Ups, downs, repetitions, patterns, fast parts, slow parts, and lots (and lots) of improvising! Music Makes My Day focuses on daily rituals and parts of the day, and gets you thinking about anticipation, improvisation, singing, [...]

Music Makes My Day2020-08-19T11:22:55-04:00