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COVID-19: due to physical distancing requirements and in-door singing restrictions, group programs are being conducted virtually. Private lessons are available by live-stream any time, or in person (with appropriate protocols in place) when restrictions allow for it.


Patience Piano provides students with a comprehensive, well rounded music education experience, allowing them to expand their love for music at their own pace. Virtual or distanced, in-person lessons (when allowable) are available . Programs range from babies (Kindermusik) to seniors, creating fun and interactive learning environments.

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COVID-19: due to physical distancing requirements and in-door singing restrictions, Kindermusik classes will be conducted by live-stream. Fees have been reduced to reflect the less social aspect of virtual classes, and because families need to provide their own props and musical instruments.

Kindermusik music and movement classes offer you the chance to spend quality time with your baby, toddler or preschooler in a fun, educational environment. Lynn, our licensed Kindermusik educator, will use her many years of experience to guide you in engaging your child with the various activities.  Periodic two-way communication allows families to connect with the others in their virtual class.


“Lynn allows children to learn at their own pace in a fun and interactive program. She has customized her programs to suit the needs of our autistic students, incorporating sign language that allows the children the freedom to explore music in their own way.”

— Gail, Child Care Provider, Barrie


Covid-19: due to restrictions on in-door singing and distancing challenges, seniors programs are only available outdoors (weather permitting) or by live-stream.

Our seniors music programs are offered through retirement residences, providing seniors the chance to re-engage with music and the memories it inspires.



Every day, we strive to put our core values of patience, compassion, integrity, excellence in music and fun into action. Our goal is to ensure that everything we do is centered on providing a positive and inspiring musical environment.

Meet Lynn Thompson

Lynn has proudly provided music instruction in the Barrie area since 1997. She is certified by The Royal Conservatory of music both as an elementary piano and intermediate clarinet specialist, and is working towards voice certification as well. She is also a licensed Kindermusik educator.

She loves sharing her knowledge of music and seeing her students experience what she’s learned. She wants each student to feel confident in their musical abilities, but also to have fun with music. As time allows, she enjoys introducing them to the many other instruments in her collection. Seeing her students improve and explore music gives her great pleasure. However long they stay, she hopes to give them a foundation of music that they’ll carry with them throughout their lives.