Lynn has a lot of experience working with young children (both in Kindermusik classes and one-on-one). For piano lessons, children as young as 4 may do a trial to see if they’re developmentally ready. They need to use their fingers independently, as opposed to pushing the keys with their palms or clusters of fingers as very young children tend to do. The lesson book designed for 4-6 year-olds gradually moves them from playing by finger-numbers on black keys, to reading full music notation. The companion writing book gives them creative, age-appropriate activities to reinforce what they learn in their lesson book.

Lessons include other musical fun (eg. rhythm-instrument play-alongs or be-the-conductor) as time allows or need for a break arises. Piano curricula designed for other age-groups (6-10 years, over 10 years, and adults) are also available.

Children interested in voice or wind instrument lessons should be a little older to start (6+), depending on the instrument.