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June 2021

In My Garden (mixed ages version)


Some of the best learning can happen in your own back yard! In this unit, we’ll buzz like bees, fly like butterflies, and sing like birds as we discover the hidden delights of the garden. We’ll listen, sing, move, and play instruments; we’ll learn to cooperate as we roll balls to music; and we’ll learn [...]

In My Garden (mixed ages version)2021-06-21T09:33:08-04:00

Out and About (mixed ages version)


Join us as we trek through the mountains and travel to the beach on a journey that will have us hopping like bunnies, scuttling like crabs, dancing like the wind, and flying like seagulls as we fine-tune our gross-motor and cross-lateral skills. The magical combination of movement and pretend play will guide the fun and [...]

Out and About (mixed ages version)2021-06-21T09:31:36-04:00