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August 2020

How Do You Feel?


How Do You Feel? Everyone has feelings, and children are no exception. A young child can go from happy to sad and back again in the blink of an eye. Navigating their changing emotions can be complicated for children, but the music, dances, and activities in How Do You Feel? provide a fun way for [...]

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Beach Days


Beach Days: Grab your beach ball and put on your sunscreen – Beach Days are here! In this unit, we’ll explore the sights and sounds found at the beach through songs, dances, vocal play, instruments, and listening activities. Get ready to wiggle your toes in the sand, scuttle like a crab, and listen to the [...]

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February 2020

Colors & Shapes On The Farm


Colors & Shapes on the Farm: Get on your tractor and drive down to the barn – it’s time to encounter a farmyard of fun! In this unit, we’ll explore some of the colors, shapes, and sounds found on the farm as we walk in the green grass, go ’round and ’round the haystack, and listen to roosters crowing and pigs oinking. Colors & Shapes on the Farm is loaded with songs, dances, instrument play-alongs, as well as listening activities that provde lots of play and lots of learning. So come on down to the farm!

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