April 2022

Pet Parade (mixed-ages version)


Gather your critters! It’s time for some pet-themed fun as we sing, dance, play instruments, and share our experiences of the animals that bring love and laughter into our lives. We’ll gallop like horses, scamper like mice, and fly like birds as we develop our motor skills, vocabulary, recall, imagination, and so much more. Get [...]

Pet Parade (mixed-ages version)2022-04-14T11:01:12-04:00

On the Farm (mixed-ages version)


Get on your tractor and drive down to the barn – it’s time to encounter a farmyard of fun! In this unit, we’ll explore some of the colors, shapes, and sounds found on the farm as we walk in the green grass, go ’round and ’round the haystack, and listen to roosters crowing and pigs [...]

On the Farm (mixed-ages version)2022-04-14T10:58:37-04:00
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