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February 2021

Home Sweet Home (mixed-ages version)


Get ready to spruce up the house in this home-themed unit. We’ll turn tasks such as cooking, cleaning, sawing, painting, and hammering into fun, pretend-play activities that make us move more creatively and use our imaginations. At the same time, we’ll explore the relationship between sounds and symbols, and build community as we sing and [...]

Home Sweet Home (mixed-ages version)2021-02-23T10:15:43-05:00

February 2020

Outside My Window (mixed-ages version)


What’s the weather like today? Look outside the window and see! Is it raining with plenty of drip-drop, splashy sounds to imitate? Or is it a cold, snowy morning just right to make some pretend snowballs? In this weather-themed nit, we’ll move to the music, explore rhythms and patterns, categorize sounds, and highlight the musical concepts of crescendo and decrescendo. Prepare to create a rainstorm symphony of sounds and move like leaves in the wind – the sun, rain, wind, and snow are all waiting right Outside My Window.

Outside My Window (mixed-ages version)2021-02-23T10:16:22-05:00