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February 2020

Pet Parade


Gather your critters! It’s time for some pet-themed fun as we sing, dance, play instruments, and share our experiences of the animals that bring love and laughter into our lives. We’ll gallop like horses, scamper like mice, and fly like birds as we develop our motor skills, vocabulary, recall, imagination, and so much more. Get ready to meow, neigh, woof, and squeak along as we all join in the Pet Parade!

Pet Parade2020-02-15T01:22:39-05:00

Time For Lunch


Come and get it! There’s nothing that gives us more joy and comfort than sharing good food and good stories with those we love. In this unit, we’ll explore food – from preparing to eating – through songs, vocal play, instruments, and focused listening activities. So wash your hands and put on your apron. It’s time to chop the veggies, mix the pancake batter, and grow some peas. It’s Time for Lunch!

Time For Lunch2020-02-15T01:23:29-05:00