August 2022

Family and Friends (mixed-ages version)


Is there anything better than spending time with our Family & Friends? Sing, dance, move, and play your way through this celebration of why family and friends matter so much. We’ll have lots of fun (and get to develop our social skills, too) as we listen to Grandma and Grandpa calling on the phone, shake [...]

Family and Friends (mixed-ages version)2022-08-19T17:26:49-04:00

February 2020

Silly All Over


Catch a case of the giggles! Tap into the joy of laughter as we wiggle, boing, and jiggle through this unit full of silly sounds and silly moves. Wound through the silliness is a firm base of developmentally appropriate activities, where we’ll practice stop-and-go motion, experience up and down, use our fine-motor skills, incorporate vocal play, and tickle our sense of humor all at the same time. Hold onto your funny bones – we’re about to get Silly All Over!

Silly All Over2022-09-20T09:42:58-04:00
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